Workforce Consulting

At Tasman Human Resource Consulting, our approach to workforce planning, organisational change, and staff development is strategically aligned to enhance organisational capability. We offer the following services:

Much of our service portfolio utilises skills frameworks, with a particular emphasis on SFIA. We offer consulting on SFIA Implementation, encompassing:

Introducing the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA)

SFIA serves as a universal reference model for identifying the skills required to develop efficient information systems using information technologies. It features a straightforward and logical two-dimensional framework, categorising areas of work and levels of responsibility. The overarching purpose of SFIA is to assist organisations employing IT professionals in:
SFIA contributes to organisational effectiveness by facilitating the development and deployment of the right skills while defining suitable development and career pathways for IT professionals. Its emphasis on professional skills, rather than particular technical skills, ensures it is accessible and comprehensible to a diverse audience, including:

SFIA is adaptable and relevant for use in any organisation employing IT professionals across various industries and government sectors.

Official SFIA Foundation website: