Lee Haakmeester, Director

Lee Haakmeester serves as the Principal at Tasman Human Resource Consulting. Following a successful management career within prominent recruitment and HR advisory firms, Lee embarked on the journey to establish Tasman Human Resource Consulting in 2011. The primary objective was to provide specialised recruitment and workforce development services tailored exclusively for the IT sector in South Australia.

Free from the constraints often encountered in large multinational firms, Tasman’s consultants possess the flexibility to customise their services precisely to align with the unique requirements of each client.


Lee's professional journey is underpinned by several key attributes:
Extensive Professional Network

Lee has cultivated a broad and valuable professional network.

Proven Value Delivery

Lee has consistently demonstrated an ability to offer significantly more value to clients than is typically provided by generic recruitment and consulting services.

Deep IT Sector Insight

He possesses a deep understanding of the IT sector, informed by years of experience.

Lee’s motivation stems from a fundamental issue in the consulting industry: Many clients feel they do not receive genuine value when engaging consultants. He is committed to addressing this perception head-on. He recognizes the pivotal role that hiring exceptional talent, placing them in the right roles, and developing their professional competencies play in enhancing an organisation’s performance.

Lee’s commitment to excellence is further underscored by his accreditation as a Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) consultant. He possesses recent experience in successfully implementing skills management systems within the IT domain, a testament to his expertise and dedication.


What Clients Are Saying

Lee is recognised as a highly professional, skilled and experienced consultant within the South Australian market place. He builds highly effective client relationships by delivering on his promises and genuinely understanding the clients’ needs.

Senior HR Director

Lee, over the last two years you have personally redefined for me what a recruitment business can do alongside a client.

Former Wine Industry CIO

Plain and simple he delivers top results. His deep knowledge of the ICT sector combined with practical yet extremely thorough methods for defining the parameters of a role, followed by sourcing and selecting staff, brought the right people into our organisation.

SA Based Public Sector GM IT