Recruitment Services

At Tasman Human Resource Consulting, our core focus is on understanding and fulfilling the specific requirements of our clients. We gauge the value of each engagement by asking straightforward questions:

So, how do we accomplish this?

We believe it boils down to consistently delivering exceptional value, thereby forging enduring partnerships. Our focus lies in establishing long-term relationships with a select group of clients whose organisational capabilities continue to grow, in part through their association with Tasman.

Core Client Services

Our Commitment to Candidate Experience

As an IT executive or professional, you’ve likely engaged with various IT recruitment firms, experiencing a range of interactions from positive to negative, with the occasional exceptional interaction. At Tasman, we frequently receive feedback from candidates who find us different from many recruitment firms. We treat individuals with respect, striving to understand their career objectives and helping them to exceed them.

We won’t

We will

And above all
We will strive to place you in a role where you can thrive, face challenges, advance your career, and receive a fair reward.

And above all
We will strive to place you in a role where you can be very successful, challenged, grow your career and be rewarded well.